Registration procedures

When registering copyright using a postal application form (F-01) or updating an existing copyright registration using postal form F-08, ensure that you send you work in an acceptable format. Extra charges may apply for media types not recommended
Free PDF fact sheet packs covering copyright law, copyright notices, using other people's work, how to deal with copyright infringement, copyright registration forms and the registration process.
A step by step guide for clients wishing to register their copyright works using the online system.
Online copyright registration service. Immediate, safe and secure protection. Guidance and forms for clients to register their copyright work using our online service.
Commonly asked questions relating to our online copyright registration services.
It is possible to upload audio files of any type but we recommend that, wherever possible, MP3 files are used as the MP3 format typically gives the best trade off between space an quality.
We offer a facility to add updated content to your copyright registration as your work evolves. This fact sheet explains the facility and how it works.
A fact sheet looking at copyright registration for websites and explaining how best to register websites.
Copyright registration of photographic work is simple and cost effective; photographers can submit a collection of tens, hundreds or even thousands of images for a single registration fee.
A literary work may be registered at any stage of development, and we recommend that your work is registered prior to submission to third parties or any online publication if at all possible...
How to register artwork and designs. Money saving tips and advice on how best to register your work.
Fact sheet explaining how tor register music, songs and sound recordings. Includes money saving tips to get the most out of a single registration.
When registering copyright in software applications (apps) the most important thing to cover is the source code. You can also include any compiled executable(s) to demonstrate the finished ‘look and feel’, plus documentation, artwork, user manual, etc. that relates to the software.
Without registration it can be hard to establish solid evidence of the date of your discoveries, theories, etc., particularly if your research is still in progress and is not yet ready to be published.
Postal application form to register your copyright work.
Items that are know to cause confusion when submitting for registration and instructions on how to deal with these items.
Copyright registration provides the best protection for your work. You can register online for immediate cover or via postal application.
Registration guidance - registering a number of related items as a single collective copyright work.
Registration guidance. Registering copyright works written by many authors - i.e. musical bands or groups.
Advice for solicitors, publishers, recording companies and other agents registering copyright on behalf of the copyright owner.
Copyright registration, guidance notes for postal applications.
How fast are copyright registrations processed and protected?
Guidance for clients wishing to update their copyright registrations using the online system.
How to register an update to an existing copyright registration.