Updating Copyright Registrations

Fact sheet P-17

Issued: 11th January 2006
Last amended: 6th December 2019
Fact sheet P-17: Updating copyright registrations

We provide a facility to add updated content to your copyright registration as your work evolves.

  1. When should an update be used?

    An update should be used if you have already registered a work, but the work has significantly changed since registration.

    Perhaps you revised or continued to develop significant content, or had a rewrite. If you want this new content to also be included in the registration, this should be added as a registration update.

    Of course, you may never need to make an update, but if yours is work which is updated regularly, (web sites are a good example), or is subject to re-writes, (such as manuscripts, screenplays and other documents), and this facility can prove very helpful.

  2. How do registration updates work?

    Registration updates are perhaps best thought of as a ‘mini’ registrations that can be added to an existing registration. Each update has its own individual record of date and content, but it also shares the main registration number and expiry date.

    The date and content of the main registration remains on record, while each update forms a separate item of evidence with its own date and information.

  3. What happens when an update is made?

    The actual registration date and expiry date of the main registration will remain unchanged, (although you may change the title of the main registration as part of an update). Each update is linked to the main registration and given a unique reference. Once processing is complete, your registration certificate will be re-issued with any changes and you will also receive a schedule of revision that details the date and description of each update.

  4. What are the advantages?

    Because new versions (updates) can be added without the need for separate registration, there are several advantages:

    • Easy to manage:

      Using the update facility, you only have one registration per work, regardless of how many times you update that work or how much it changes.

    • Reduced cost:

      As the initial administration has been completed, updates are generally much cheaper than new registrations, also, at the end of the registration period, you only have one registration to renew to continue cover for the work.

    • Proof of evolution of your work:

      As each deposit is individually recorded, from the point of registration through to the last update, a full record of the evolution of the work is available if you ever need to prove your claim in a dispute.

  5. Is there a fee for processing updates?

    Yes, we must treat every submission as a separate item of evidence with its own chain of custody, and process it accordingly. There is always a processing fee, but typically updates are much cheaper that new registrations. Additionally, the financial transaction itself leaves its own audit trail and provides another layer of verifiable evidence.

    The current update fees are:

    • Online registration updates

      The current charge for updates via our online upload facility is £21.25 per work.

    • Registration updates via postal application

      The administration charge for postal updates is £29.00 per work.

      Media types that involve additional processing will also incur an additional fee to cover the extra time involved in processing these types of works. Please see our registration format pages for details on accepted media types and fees.

  6. Notes

    An update can only be made to a work that is already registered. If your work has not been registered, or for new work not related to an existing registration, please register via the standard copyright registration facility.

    The online update facility as well as postal update forms can be accessed via the copyright registration update pages of this site.

  7. Common questions
    • When I submit an update will it overwrite files I have already submitted?
      No. Every submission it treated as a separate deposit of evidence with its own date and reference, nothing is ever overwritten.
    • Do I have to submit the whole work again every time I update?

      If only a specific part of the work has changed, it is fine to just submit the new/changed part(s).

    • What should I enter in the ‘new title’ field?

      If the main title for the work a whole that is shown on your last certificate is no longer correct enter the new title for your work here, otherwise you should leave this blank.