Duplicate work

Using these forms, clients may request a copy of the materials they have submitted.

Typically this is used when copyright ownership is in dispute: When a registered work has been infringed, preliminary proceedings have been exhausted, and a duplicate work is required to demonstrate proof of content of the registered work.
It may also be used simply if the account holder has lost the work and requires a replacement.

Online ordering

Online ordering is quick and easy. This is our recommended method for ordering duplicate works and will ensure that the copy is delivered to you quicker than using postal ordering.

Order online

Postal ordering

For orders to be made via the postal system, you will need to complete the order form F-05, which must be sent along with the payment.

The form can either be completed online, or downloaded as a PDF file for later printing.

Complete the F-05 form online.

Download form F-05 as a PDF.


Duplicate works are supplied as a secure digital download, or you can order a physical copy to be posted to you on optical disc (CD/DVD/BD) or USB stick ¹. Prices as follows ²:

  • £30.00 Digital download only.
  • £35.00 Supplied by post on optical media ³.
  • £37.50 Supplied by post on USB pen drive ³.

¹ Digital download links are included in the optical/USB postal options and will be supplied where we have a valid email contact for the customer.
² For exceptionally large or unusual works, where these options are not practical we will make contact to arrange media, fees and delivery as required.
³ Postal delivery for optical/USB media is FREE for the UK, Isle of Man and Channel islands, £2.50 for Europe and £3.50 for the rest of the World.

All charges are in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). All charges include VAT.

We accept most major credit/debit cards, and all personal details are 100% secure.


For security reasons, we require that the supplied account holder details match our records. Should any of the details not match our records, we may contact you for additional information to confirm your identity and right to the work.

Duplicate works are accompanied by a copy of the registration certificate, covering letter and a digitally signed manifest. The digitally signed manifest allows an independent party (such as a judge/tribunal hearing the case) to verify for themselves that the files are exactly as we provided them (and not altered en route).
For more details, please see our page explaining duplicate work.

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