Managing your account

Update your contact details

If you have moved house, or any other contact details have changed, use this form to update our records.

Updating an existing registration

If work you have already registered has changed or been updated since registration, you can use the copyright registration update facility to lodge an update to your registration.

Examples of when to use this would be:

  • If the original registration was a manuscript; a later draft or re-write.
  • If the original registration was a website; updates or new content for the site can be registered.

Note: Only use the update facility to add files to an existing registration. Do not use this form to register new work, Please use the standard registration facility for any new work.

Order certificates and registered notice labels

You can order hard copy (printed paper) certificates if required.

Our registered notice labels are another way to deter potential copyright infringement. These labels are small self adhesive labels (46mm x 11mm) that state that your work is registered and the registration number and can be affixed to your work quickly and easily.

To order certificates and registered notice labels use this form to order certificates and registered notice labels.

Duplicate work request

If you require a duplicate work as evidence to use in an infringement case, or simply require a copy of the original work registered, you may order a copy of your work.

If your work is in dispute, we also advise that you read our copyright infringement fact sheet before proceeding.

Extending/renewing a registration

To extend or renew a registration use extend/renew a registration online.

Transfer registration to a new owner

If you sell or transfer your copyright, the new owner is likely to also want to take over the registration. Use this form to transfer your registration to the new owner.

Fact sheets and information

P-17: Updating copyright registrations
This fact sheet explains the registration update process.

P-06: Further tips on protecting your work
This fact sheet offers additional information for those with registered work.

P-05: Copyright infringement
If you feel that your work has been infringed, we recommend that you read this fact sheet first before proceeding.

P-19: Using registered notices
This fact sheet explains how to create registered notices and apply them to your work.

Registration images and notices
To deter infringement, let people know that your work is registered by marking your work with a registration statement.

Other contacts

Queries regarding payments and billing should be addressed to our  department.

Any other requests from existing clients not covered above should be addressed to  department, please include your account number, name and first line of your postal address as identification.

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