Registration questions

Discussing Poor Mans Copyright, and other quoted alternatives to registration.
Can logos be registered and how copyright protects logos? Logo copyright is the subject of many enquiries we receive. This page deals with the common questions surrounding this subject.
Answers to the most commonly asked questions about copyright registration
As copyright is an automatic right proving your claim may be a very difficult matter without proper evidence to back you up. All too often it boils down to a case of ‘their word against yours’. Without proper protection, something you have created could end up making money for someone else.
Commonly asked questions relating to our online copyright registration services.
A fact sheet looking at copyright registration for websites and explaining how best to register websites.
Copyright registration of photographic work is simple and cost effective; photographers can submit a collection of tens, hundreds or even thousands of images for a single registration fee.
A literary work may be registered at any stage of development, and we recommend that your work is registered prior to submission to third parties or any online publication if at all possible...
How to register artwork and designs. Money saving tips and advice on how best to register your work.
Answers to frequently asked questions about postal applications
Registration guidance - registering a number of related items as a single collective copyright work.
Registration guidance. Registering copyright works written by many authors - i.e. musical bands or groups.
Advice for solicitors, publishers, recording companies and other agents registering copyright on behalf of the copyright owner.
How fast are copyright registrations processed and protected?
How to register an update to an existing copyright registration.
For maximum protection, registration should be carried out before the work becomes available for others to see; i.e. before you publish your work online, or send it to publishers, agents, etc.