5th February 2024

Oxforshire network upgrade

Network updates

This month we are upgrading network connections at our Oxfordshire based Didcot office.

The physical network cabling now been installed and we are about to start of the migration of DNS, server connectivity, software and configuration to complete the changeover.


The existing network/telecoms has been in place for around 10 years in their current state, so migrating allows up to greatly increase the connection speed and capacity, particularly on the inbound link.

This should provide additional upload capacity for our clients, which should particularly benefit clients uploading larger files, as well as giving us a chance to update and replace ageing network components.


There may be some short term issues as we move things over, but we will be staggering the migration and diverting customers to or Cheltenham facility at some points to keep the change over as smooth as possible.

How long will this take?

We hope to have the main servers and systems moved over within the next 3-4 weeks. Following that, there will be an settling in period where we will closely monitor for issues on our public/client facing systems.