3rd October 2013

No more upload fees!

No more upload fees!

Previously Copyright Witness applied charges to clients submitting online where they uploaded more than 10MB in a submission.

The original aim of the upload fee was reflect the increased cost associated with the archival of larger works and to provide an incentive for those with large amounts of data (where uploading is impractical) to use the postal service instead.

As Copyright Witness systems and Internet speeds continue to improve we have taken the decision to remove upload fees.

We expect this change to be welcomed by our clients as it makes our charges simpler and provides a better value service for the growing number of clients uploading larger amounts of data.

A greener future

This change is partly funded by our work to reduce our carbon footprint: Recent changes to our procedures mean that we have reduced on average 30% of the paperwork we were sending to online clients.

The reduction in printing and paper usage is both beneficial environmentally, and also has a financial benefit by off-setting some of our increasing costs and allowing us to keep our prices lower for longer.