6th April 2004

Copyright Witness - The International Face Of The UK Copyright Service

6th April 2004 sees the first day of trading for Copyright Witness, which is set to become the international face of the UK Copyright Service.

Major changes are afoot at the UKCS: Due to the continuing growth of the service, significant international interest, and plans for major developments to improve the efficiency and accessibility of the service, the decision was made last September to create a new parent company called Copyright Witness. The change of status is intended to provide a platform to service copyright owners on a more integrated worldwide level, and be the first step on a program of major development planned for the service over the next 5 years.

The new company officially opens its doors on the 6th, but to provide continuity and minimise confusion, the UKCS name has retained for UK based trading, to allow the Copyright Witness brand to focus on international customers.